Werewolves are usually classified into two categories.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Biblical Reference!

I have just found some biblical evidence pointing towards the existence of lycanthropes. I do not know the verses offhand, but I will get back to you with them soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm back....for now.

Sorry I've been away for so long. I had many things to do. Happy St. Patrick's day!

That's all for now....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Review (ilovewerewolves.com)

I have reviewed a website over the weekend. The URL is http://ilovewerewolves.com/

I stayed on for a little bit my first visit, and liked it. I began to get on any time that I could. I love the topics they reflect on. I also found a mate for myself on the site. (Lone Werewolf/Panther)

To authors Buddy and Werewolf967, write on. I see you two going all the way with this site. No flaws that I could detect. I reccomend this to all werewolf lovers. This is a place for friendly debate and a place to build friendships and relationships.

5 out of 5 stars for ilovewerewolves.com.

Link: http://ilovewerewolves.com/

-Review conducted by Värlôc Bêrnard Waaldrön, A.K.A. The Motown Werewolf

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Book!

I have just found out about this book, Werewolf's Guide to Life.

What type of bulls--- is that?

I've already read it and it is just another part of the Corporate America's attempt to ensure the stereotypical ways of the werewolf. For fiction, though, it's good...

It's real good.....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ways Corporate America is Wrong on Werewolves

Much of Corporate America has created a stereotypical barrier around werewolves that aren't true.

These classic stereotypes include:

  1. Humans become werewolves only at night.
  2. Transformations only occur during full moons.
  3. Werewolves are pure savages that only live to kill and destroy.
  4. Werewolves are total dumb-asses when it comes to figuring things out.
  5. Werewolves are two-legged creatures, and two-legged creatures only.
  6. After daybreak, most of the time the supossed werewolf returns to human form.
  7. After daybreak, the supposed werewolf has no recollection of what happened the night before.
  8. Transformations are involuntary, drawn out, and inevitable.
  9. Werewolves have the mentality of wolves.
  10. Werewolves pop up in small villages.
  11. Werewolves are loners.
  12. Werewolves mostly roam in wooded areas, such as forests.
  13. Werewolves have no emotions.
  14. Werewolves can be killed only two ways: a silver bullet, or the head is disconnected from the heart.

I am here to say none of these are particularly true. Humans can become werewolves at any given time, be it day or night, and not exactly at a full-moon period. Werewolves are not savages. We are actually quite organized and kill when we have to. We are really smart; my IQ is 154 and I'm a Full Moon General Werewolf (That's equivalent to the U.S. rank of General of the Army). Werewolves aren't exactly two-legged creatures only. The real definition of a werewolf is "one who transmogrifies into a anthropomorphic creature, much like that of a wolf." That doesn't exactly mean we walk on two legs; we are actually able to switch between the speed position (four legs) and attack position (two legs).

As stated before, werewolves can transform anytime the person wants to. We know everything we did during our time of transformation and throughout. Transformations are usually less than a second.

Werewolves tend to have the psyche of both wolves and humans, allowing them to make decisions, such as humans in addition to having instincts of wolves when it comes to moving out of danger (Some werewolves make an attempt to fight this. I know that I have). Most werewolves stay in large cities; I am a prime example. I live in Detroit and I am a werewolf.
Werewolves work together in packs. I'm not the only werewolf in Detroit; in fact, I hang out with around 4 other werewolves, and one of them is my sister.

We have as much emotions as a tree has bark. We feel love, pain, anxiety, embarrassment, etc. I'm with a vampire girl around my age (I know it's a strange combination. Besides, it's forbidden according to our Code, but forbidden loves are always the best).

There are numerous ways to kill a werewolf. Decapitation always works, but some of us werewolves have become immune to silver bullets.

  • Cause internal bleeding. That has happened to so many of my werewolf brothers. It's slow, but it gets the job done.
  • Take a dagger or hunting knife that has been soaked in vampire blood over a period of 3 hours and plunge it into the werewolf's heart. Vampire blood and werewolf blood don't mix very well because the fued between the two supernatural species is so strong that the blood within them has been programmed not to mix. If it does, the blood types have been known to kill one another, causing the subject to lose blood cells very quickly. This process is called Seperation by Annihilation because the blood types are seperating by destroying themselves. (If the wrists are slit in time, the bad mix will leave the body in less than a minute, but the human blood will stay in. The skin will heal after all of the bad blood has left. This is a way to turn werewolves and vampires back into humans.) This works for vampires as well if you use werewolf blood.
  • Destroy the brain. This is an oldie but goodie. You can never go wrong with this method. The brain is the central nervous system and if that's destroyed, the body usually follows suit. If a werewolf is brain-dead, werewolf hunters may use the body for research.
  • Crush 65% of the body. Use something heavy, like a car or boulder. If the ribs or head are crushed, it's curtains.
  • Burn a werewolf from the inside. I have seen many of my werewolf bretheren die this way. Use a flaming arrow or sword.

I'm not even supposed to be telling you, the public, these things. I spilled the beans.

Oh, well.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Greetings and Salutations

Greeting, fellow werewolf fans!

I am the Motown Werewolf and the head administrator here. I welcome you. This is our debut, so.....enjoy yourselves!